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Emergency Services job in Blackheath, NSW required for a few hours.

My dog Polly, a cavalier King Charles spaniel, has gone missing deep in the Kanimbla Valley in Blackheath. She went missing at around *am on Friday. I’ve had a thermal drone up twice but the weather conditions weren’t great (too humid). Some people have suggested a smaller drone during the day to check hillsides and rock faces, to make sure she’s not stuck somewhere. It’s an urgent situation - if anyone can help please let me know.
Emergency Services job in Cairns, QLD required for a few hours.

PLEASE HELP! My dog is missing in dense bushland in bayview heights ive been searching on foot everyday since he went missing on monday morning and hasnt been seen since i had one of them return today quite beaten with a possible broken foot im worried the other is now caught up or injured and need help
Emergency Services job in Thornlands, QLD required for a few hours.

Long shot but my brother lost his dog in Thornlands and we've been searching since Friday night. There's loads of bushland where we think he is but we can't get near him whenever he is spotted by public. Looking for someone today to fly over some bush to see can we spot him so my brother can get in to call him out. At the minute it's like a needle on a haystack. Anyone over this way that has something like a DJI that would be good for it?

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