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Drone Roof Inspection Services

If you require roof inspections then you can significantly benefit from using a drone roof inspection company. The most important thing about using drones for roof inspections is that they improve workplace safety. A drone helps to eliminate the dangers of falling when conducting roof inspection since the inspector does not need to be on top.

You can easily deploy a drone and it does all the inspection of your roof using its high resolution camera. On top of that, there are also many benefits of using drones to conduct roof inspections such as improved accuracy in results as well as cost effectiveness.

Drones are cost effective for inspection of roofs

When you use a drone to perform roof inspection, you save a lot of money since it is operated by just one person. When using other traditional methods for performing roof inspection, you may need additional manpower and some equipment to reach the rooftop. Equipment like lifts, ladders as well as scaffolding would be required.

You can eliminate these costs by using a drone to perform inspection of the roof. You only need a competent drone operator to perform the task. The cost of labor and hiring equipment can be very high if you opt to perform roof inspection manually. Using a drone for roof inspection also helps you to conduct many inspections within a day.

On the other hand, insurances to cover workplace injuries are not cheap especially if fall are involved. In most cases, the insurance companies would seek to increase the rates when the injuries are a result of falls.

Drones Provide Accurate Data in Roof Inspection

When you use drones for performing roof inspections, you will get the most accurate data measurements. You can access any part of the building and the high resolution camera on the drone can capture high quality videos and images. The images you get give accurate information and you can also collect it faster.

When you use a drone for inspection, you are in a position to get accurate measurements of things like ridges, eaves, hips, valleys as well as rakes. You can also gather accurate data about parapet walls and drip edges. You can quickly send the data to the inspector who might not be on site if you work for the municipal department of inspectorate.

Drone use for roof inspection also helps to create confidence among the clients since there would be no fears of injuries within their premises. Drones also eliminate elements such as noise when the inspectors are inspecting the roof manually. Such noise can disrupt the peace of home owners in particular.

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