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Drones for Insurance

Drones are having a massive impact on multiple fields. Recently, many insurance companies are looking to get their employees drone certified to allow them pilot these unmanned flying vehicles as part of their profession. But can drones actually be useful for insurance inspections?

In the past, insurance claim adjusters and inspectors had to carry out on-scene surveys and investigations about fires, accidents, crimes and damage to property to determine the viability of a claim and assess the level of insurance coverage. Contributing factors, such as the location of a claim assessment or the mitigating factors surrounding its cause, such as a natural disaster, could potentially make an insurance inspection difficult and expensive.

However, with drones, investigators can carry out claims assessments from the comfort of their offices. Drones offer the full range of insurance services. Whether it is assessing damage inspections, equipment breakdown or post disaster claims inspection, the UAV will come in handy at all times. These tools can also be used to detect fraud, by enabling the comparison of before and after images of the insured property.

What benefits do drones offer for insurance inspections?

Benefits of drones for insurance inspection

Increased efficiency

Drones can be deployed to assess emergency situations faster than an investigator could. If you call your insurer to file a claim, they could offer instant claims assessment with the use of UAVs. With the right number of drones and qualified pilots, investigators will not even need to leave the building.

Aside from being faster, drones are fitted with high quality imaging tools which can help present claims situations in the highest definition available. Investigators will move towards an overview role, allowing for a more seamless delivery of insurance inspection services. In the long term, the drones could end up saving insurance companies a lot on their expenditure.

Ability to assess multiple claims

Natural disasters present a unique set of difficult challenges for insurance inspectors to operate. In the event of a natural disaster, many people usually file claims. In the past, investigators would have had to wait until the afflicted area was accessible before making any claims assessments. For people who have suffered loss, this can be too long to wait.

Drones offer investigators the ability to asses multiple claims all at once. Depending on the distance between them, claims could be assessed and determined in a relatively shorter time. investigators do not even need to visit the area, which reduces accessibility challenges.

This improves the ability of insurance investigators to offer quality and timely services, which are bound to offer better value to prospective clients.

Higher employee safety levels

Insurance inspection carries some risk of harm to investigators, depending on the nature of the specific situation. Claims made as a result of natural disasters, progressive situations and other hazardous areas can be addressed quickly and without any added risk to staff, thanks to the use of drones. They can be fitted with multiple sensors, including high quality digital imagery tools to help address this risk.

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