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Drones in Mining

Mining can be an expensive venture even for the most resource-backed firms. This is one of the key reasons why mining companies have looked to incorporate the latest developments in technology. But can drones help take mining to the next level? These are some of the benefits of UAVs to the industry.

Benefits of drones in mining

Cost efficiency

In order to survey an area for potential mining activity, firms have had to hire out a helicopter or plane with certain survey and topography equipment. The cost of these services, coupled with increased staffing costs that may result from hiring skilled operators could be too big to handle. In order to achieve this in the past, mining firms needed to set aside large chunks of their budget and dedicate hours to planning.

UAVs are reshaping how potential mining land is surveyed. With a single controller and multiple sensors and digital imaging equipment, drones can reduce the workload and expense involved. You will literally only need one day to complete this task if you have a suitably equipped long range UAV.

Improved safety and security

Safety and security concerns are permanent part of mining. The potential for collapse and loss is significant, if historical data on the safety of mines is anything to go by. In the past, mining firms have been forced to engage in daring rescues and expensive preventive measures to reduce the risk of large scale losses.

Drones facilitate a new technology-based security system. They can be used to survey mines and potential mining locations to determine threats. They also facilitate regular monitoring and threat assessment, enabling quick action in the event that a project succumbs to these risks.

Reshaping corporate social responsibility

Mining companies have been met with aggression in the past from local patrons due to their significant impact on the environments of operations. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a useful tool in bridging the disconnect between communities and companies in the past. However, there is still some hostility towards the efforts of these companies.

Thanks to the use of drones, mining companies have been able to offer better community initiatives. These feature a higher buy-in into the project by communities involved, which may be measurably more than for other firms. By engaging communities with UAV provided content, firms are better able to express their impact on the community for a more harmonious co-existence.

Development planning and resource management

Mining companies need to plan extensively before setting up their activity in an area. I should offer great value in both the short and long term, such as offering easy access to their product of interest while facilitating room for expansion. in order to do this, he firms need to carry out a series of assessments and surveys to determine the viability of the specific area.

In the past, this may have proven difficult to carry out. Even with advancements inn tech, it can still be very expensive. However, drones offer a viable solution. Drones can carry out LiDAR, 3D contour, heat and topographical mapping to present a comprehensive picture of a specific location. You do not need an extensive investment to carry out planning and management with the right UAV.

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