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How to Choose and Compare a Drone Pilot Services for a Wedding

   03/26/2019 23:39:34    0 Comments
How to Choose and Compare a Drone Pilot Services for a Wedding

A good and lasting memory of one’s wedding day is very important and a good way to document this is by taking advantage of drone photography and videography. As in, drones are best known for taking breathtaking shots and videos. 

So comes the question, do you really need to hire a professional drone service company to cover your wedding, or your next door neighbor who has a drone can get the job done? The answer is obvious that you need a highly skilled pilot to handle your big day well.

With that in mind…

Safety is key.

When renting a drone pilot service then you must know that safety is very vital. A UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) pilot needs to be a professionally trained drone service provider. A trained one will ensure that there are no accidents at the wedding party.

Drones are small helicopters with an engine and cameras but no brains, which is why they need to be controlled by a trained professional. In fact, if the company or the drone service provider is not experienced, then you risk accidents on your hands, which is something you would not want on your wedding day.

Ensure they have a drone license

It is advisable that the drone operator has a personal property and also liability insurance for their commercial drones. Insurance comes in handy if a drone causes an accident (which is very rare) the UAV operator will be able to cater for any damages.

Ensure that they are licensed; it is better safe than sorry. A license proves that the UAV service is genuine and they are permitted and qualified to shoot for weddings.

Get multiple prices and compare

Now that you are sure the company or the drone wedding photographer is licensed, it is also a good idea to get multiple quotes from drone wedding photographers and videographers. With such information at hand, you can come up with the best quote. A good quote needs to be both affordable and promise top quality. 

Ask for proof of past work

You do not want a shoddy job done at your wedding day only to realize later that there were poorly shot photos and poorly taken videos. This is why it is right for you to ask for previous work samples.

This way you will surely know that the people you are hiring understand what they are doing and they are skilled and so prevent disappointments. Always have this in mind, the camera used in drone-covered weddings also matter, so it is good that they use the best. 

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