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Will drone taxi's be a thing of the future or today

   04/08/2019 21:44:08    0 Comments
Will drone taxi's be a thing of the future or today

We believe the future is here. Ehang a change drone manufacturer has been working hard on it's new model the Ehang 184 quadcopter passenger drone for a number of years now. 

Ehang has done numerous tests on including over a thousand test flights around China that included real passengers. Tests include up to a 300 meter vertical ascent, a 225 kilogram weight test, a 15 kilometre flight route, and speeds of up to 130 km per hour. Various weather conditions were tested also to see how it would hold up such as high temperatures, fogs, nighttime flights, and apparently, even winds resembling a category 7 typhoon. If anyone was cynical before on how quicky these drones could become a reality the tests have shown that it could be our very near future.

Passenger safety is critical in all elements of testing said Ehang founder and CEO Huazhi Hu. Now that testing in complete the company is really excited to see what the future brings for consumer air travel. Although there are some limitations and capabilities of the drone it is still a major breakthrough. 

The Ehang 184 is a very impressive machine amongst its peers in the passenger drone area. The electric quadcopter and transparent a person for up to 23 minutes or a distance of 16 kilometres. It's as simple as getting and entering your location then enjoying the view. User friendliness was paramount of course and it includes an autonomous guiding system, obstacle avoidance sensors, and vertical takeoff and landing. In the event of a malfunction a remote pilot can take over the controls and guide the vehicle to safety on the ground. 

Take a look at the Ehang 184 in all its glory below. 

There is even a model in testing and design that can carry up to 2 passengers for a total weight of 280 kilograms. Ehang has presented its single passenger drone at the World Government Summit in Dubai and the feedback was outstanding. Everyone in the industry is interested to see what comes next and Ehang has taken massive steps in bringing this amazing concept to reality.

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