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Drone marketing in real estate is growing

   04/22/2019 23:12:53    0 Comments
Drone marketing in real estate is growing

Real estate has become the top industry in using drones for marketing purposes. The surprising numbers speak for themselves and demonstrate a bright future for the evolution of the drone industry.

Globally there was 10 million drones sold in 2018 which is expected to be three times more by 2021. In 2015 the drone industry value was estimated at $3.3 billion which will become $90 billion by 2025. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) in North America has stated drone usage is spreading fast. NAR stated from survey results that 44% of its members are already using drones in marketing, 12% know of someone in their company or office that are using them, and 18% have planes to use drones at some stage in the future.

Drones are revolutionizing real estate property listings as a must have and aerial photos and videos are becoming more common. There has been a trend amongst sellers to actually request these types of listing.


What’s pushing this trend forward?


1.Easily accessible

Basically drones are much more accessible these days than in the past, there are more operators and pilots in the marketplace as well as a variety of drone models. In the United States the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) has drone guidelines that are highly favourable to the real estate industry and now there are approximately 770K registered with the organization. As opposed to Canada where the rules are much more restrictive however that has not decreased growth in aerial footage being used in property listings.

In the US the real estate agents are the ones responsible for understanding and knowing the rules for legal drone usage and safety. In Australia it is more so the responsibility of the operators and pilots however real estate agents should be aware of all laws also.





2. Lower costs

Costs have gone down due to competition in production as well as advancement in drone technology. Many online services have popped up to find and connect with drone for hire service providers such as Drone Hive throughout the western world offering professional aerial photography and videography. Complementary industries such as photographers have also been adding drone footage as part of their services for property listings.


3. Creates that ‘wow’ factor

Showing aerial footage is still considered a new technique that can leave an impression. It creates a ‘wow’ factor when showing aerial shots of the property and it’s neighborhood. Marketing materials created by drones can definitely give a competitive advantage for real estate agents.


4. The home sales process is enhanced

Videos in general are excellent way to market so it’s only natural aerial footage will help you sell the home more easily. Considering the footage can be shared and traffic will increase as well as providing potential buyers spatial perspective and proximity to the main local amenities such as schools, playgrounds, and parks as well as services such as hospitals and shops. The footage can also help create an emotional connection with the prospective buyers.


What’s comes next for drones in real estate?

How about self-flying autonomous drones taking aerial photos of your listing in future. It is not so far fetched as autonomous drones are already used in other industries such as the military and industrial applications for security, mapping, and surveying.

As a real estate agent will you be able to simply call a drone on your app and have it fly to your property, take the photos and videos, and then have it automatically upload it to your website listing? That may not be so far away into the distant future as we think.




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