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Mapping drones are quickly becoming the technology of choice for land surveyors.

   05/01/2019 16:52:01    0 Comments
Mapping drones are quickly becoming the technology of choice for land surveyors.

Mapping drones are drastically changing and improving how land surveyors conduct their surveys by doing it in the sky instead of the traditional land method. 

The simple fact is that data from an area mapped with a drone greatly enhances what engineers are seeing on ground as well as many other useful reasons drones are being utilized and taking over in the surveying industry.

1. Surveys are much faster now

Drones can fly and survey an area in minutes in comparison to carrying heavy equipment to each location which can take days or even weeks. Drones are also just  as accurate as a typical land survey. Information on areas are easily kept up to date by deploying drones on a regular basis. Resource planning is no longer an extensive exercise you can simply deploy a mapping drone when required. When is comes to speed drones are far more superior than a surveyor on the ground. 

2. Much safer for employees

A land surveyors work can be dangerous at times including treacherous terrain, extreme heights, difficult weather conditions, and lengthy and tiring travel times. Injuries are highly possible in this field of work and is always a present risk. A drone simply removes all of this dangerous elements and of course stamina is not an issue for a machine. It can fly in extreme weather conditions and soar to amazing heights and return with all of the aerial mapping data required at great speeds with absolutely no risk for the people involved.

3. Budgets are reduced

With costs for drone services, platforms, and data ever decreasing they have become a highly a viable option financially when compared to traditional surveying. With very low costs it is highly likely in many cases there would be no need to re-adjust existing budget plans therefore freeing up company resources to focus on other areas. With increased safety and time to map difficult areas the costs are reduced even more as less equipment, man power, and planning are required. All these factors also free up a company’s ability to complete more projects for more clients. 

4. Consolidated technology

These days drones are inbuilt with additional technology reducing the need to carry around extra equipment such as GPS, theodolites, and infrared reflections. Drones are just a effective as those tools if not more accurate and precise in many cases. They can be on autonomous piloting with a single push of the button which makes a land surveyor's job even easier, faster, and safer leaving more time and resources for other projects.

As you can see Drones have really revolutionized a land surveyor's role and will continue to play an important and evolving part in the years to come.

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