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DJI Drones Can Now Fly Over Crowds with it's New Parachute System

   05/10/2019 00:01:55    0 Comments
DJI Drones Can Now Fly Over Crowds with it's New Parachute System

There are certain rules and laws that regulate the operations of different types of drones in various places. For instance, both commercial and personal drones should not fly above a group of people in public spaces like beaches.

The major reason for this particular regulation is to ensure safety of the people in open spaces. A drone can experience certain challenges midflight and can pose a danger to people in public places. However, as drone technology constantly improves, it is now possible to fly DJI drones over crowds. If you pack the Indemnis’ drone parachute system on the DJI drone, you can safely fly it even in open spaces. The parachute system is still new and it is only compatible with DJI drones. 

The Indemnis Nexus Parachute

The parachute system designed by Indemnis Nexus Company recently got certification and can be used specifically on DJI Inspire 2 Drone. The certification means that drone operators can now legally fly their unmanned areial vehicles (UAVs) even in public spaces.

Indemnis Nexus Company also hopes to customize the product so that it can also fit on other types of drones apart from the DJI Inspire 2 Drone. The parachute system also comes as relief following reports that drones like DJI Matrice 200 model can lose power during flight.

Once the drone loses power, it falls straight to the ground and can cause injuries to the people especially in crowded places. The parachute system is designed to enhance safe landing of the drone in the event that it malfunctions midflight. The system is strapped on the drone and it has sensors to detect any fault on the vehicle.

A parachute helps the drone to glide in such a way that it can achieve slow landing that is safe to the people. The parachute can suddenly pop out at a speed of about 90 miles per hour and the operator may not see the action briefly taking place.

The system is designed in such a way that it does not affect the propellers of the drone. In most cases, when the drone crashes, the propellers are badly damaged and they often pose challenges to repair. Therefore, the parachute system also helps to protect the drone from severe damage in the event of unexpected crash. 

Key Considerations For Parachute Certification

The Nexus parachute should pass at least 45 functionality tests so that it can get approval for certification. The parachute undergoes thorough tests as the regulatory authority is mainly concerned about safety issues of the people in different places.

The Indemnis Nexus plans to design similar versions of the parachute on the Matrice 200 and 600 models. Certification of the parachute system of these two models should be ready by the end of 2019.

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