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How the real estate industry can take advantage of drones

   08/01/2019 23:38:44    0 Comments
How the real estate industry can take advantage of drones

You can use real estate drone photography and videos to show aerial views of different properties like homes, acreage and other important highlights. Drone photography is especially good for use by people involved in luxury real estate as it helps to increase your stake in business.

Things to know about drone photography in real estate

Drones help you to capture stunning images of property which can appeal to the interests of potential buyers. The operation of drones in performing such task can be expensive. Real estate agents have the option of buying drone equipment and obtaining a license to operate a drone from FAA. Alternatively they can hire professional drone operators.

In the event that you choose the option of operating the drone, then you should learn the basics of flying it. All the same, you will still need to hire a professional editor to edit the videos to meet high standards. Hiring an editor can cost you between $40 and $1,000 depending on the nature of work.

Real estate agents can also hire professionals to shoot the video and the process can cost between $300 and $1,000 excluding editing. The price is worth it when you are marketing a luxury home. However, when selling a single home you can find another alternative. Make sure that the photos and videos have a positive impact on the targeted customers. Buying your own drone can cost you anything between $1,000 and $10, 000.

Real Estate Drone Photography: Who is the ideal candidate

Agents and brokers are potential candidates for using real estate and drone photography to add a stunning appearance to their properties. Drones are affordable these days such that you can hire a professional to handle your video and photography services.

Owning a drone can be time consuming unless you are confident that you can capture images that appeal to the targeted customers. The following professionals are the best fit for drone photography:

  • Solo Agents - these should have large budgets that can enable them to utilize drone technology. They should also have impressive properties to showcase. Purchasing drone equipment can be costly though so hiring professionals can be a better option.
  • Luxury Agents - these teams specialize in luxury properties and they should utilize drone technology to market them.
  • Large brokerages – these people should have the budget and resources to handle drone photography. They should also have large properties to showcase.

Drone photography is not necessary for smaller properties with fewer features to exhibit to the potential customers.

Costs of Hiring Professional Drone Operator

You should know that hiring a professional drone operator costs about $150 to $300 and upwards. In the same vein, 10 still images for a five minute video can cost you between $300 and $1,000. The prices vary depending on the operator’s experience, location as well as editing. In some cases, editing charges are excluded from the price for hiring a drone so you should ask first before paying for the service.

Take your time to vet the service providers to come up with the best option. Try to get an average range of the prices then compare with those charged by different operators in various places. Avoid providers with very cheap prices as well as those who charge exorbitant fees.

Buying you own drone

Buying your own drone equipment can be another viable option that you can consider and it can cost you between $1,000 and $10,000. You must also have accessories like a gimbal for stabilizing the image as well as spare blades in case the drone crashes. You should consider buying your drone equipment if you have a large budget. You will have to get your drone license and follow the CASA guidelines when you decide to buy your own drone hardware.

How to Hire a Professional Drone Operator

You can utilize online searches to get a professional drone operator. For instance using a platform such as ours - Drone Hive - is a good source since it operates a network of drone operators in different states. The operators can either be in your place or other areas. Make sure that the operator has experience in estate marketing to hire the ideal person.

When hiring a professional drone operator, consider the following:

  • Previous experience – experience is the most important factor to consider to ensure that you hire the right person. As for previous samples to make informed decisions.
  • Licensing and Insurance – make sure that the operator has insurance and license obtained from FAA
  • Customer Reviews – you must also check what other customers say about the photographer you want to higher. The reviews can help you gain insight about the capability of the photographer.

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