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Power plants are now much safer to maintain with drone inspections

   08/11/2019 16:05:09    0 Comments
Power plants are now much safer to maintain with drone inspections

Drone inspection methods are quick and cost effective for performing different tasks. Unmanned drone inspection improves accessibility to structures that are otherwise inaccessible and offers immediate alternative to other traditional methods.

Traditional inspection methods like rope access, sky-lifts, scaffolding or helicopters are costly and time consuming. If you want to conduct inspection of infrastructure like power plants, you can hire companies that offer professional services together with optimal solutions. There are many benefits that you can get from hiring professional inspectors for your hydro power inspection.

Advantages of Using Professional Companies for Thermal Power Inspections

When using drones for thermal power inspections, you can get access to quick evaluation and overview of the areas under inspection. If it is the chimneys, drones can capture high quality images and videos of defects to help the maintenance team to come up with optimized production strategies.

Drone inspection also helps to reach places that are hard to access while at the same time offering high degree of safety to the inspectors. Drones can also help you to conduct high chimney inspection to identify all defects that can be caused by thunderstorms to the structure.

If you hire professionals to conduct drone inspection, the process is quick and detailed since drones can capture cracks in the concrete as well as reveal details of damages such as corrosion which prompts immediate action. The visual data you get from drones is useful in the maintenance and repair work on the thermal power plants.

Inspection of Confined Spaces

During the current period, drone inspections of fuel tanks refineries and other confined places are becoming popular since they are effective and efficient. When you want to hire a company to perform drone inspection for a power plant, make sure they have specialized equipment, proper lighting and experienced pilots who are capable of predicting areas that have high risk of turbulence.

Thermographic cameras are usually attached to the drones to conduct inspection of confined spaces. Drone inspection also helps to reduce costs related to maintenance downtime and it also helps to provide details quickly for repair purposes of the defects identified.

Only Experts Conduct Data Analysis

The drones are only operated by professional pilots where the certified personnel operate the camera. The camera person works hand in hand with the pilot to direct the drone to areas of interest where they can view the infrastructure from different angles.

While drone inspection is quick, the analysis of data constitutes the bulk of the workload. A close analysis of the pictures also requires the services of experts to get the full value from the analysis of data. A person who lacks the necessary experience can overlook critical defects which compromise the results of the whole inspection exercise.

Therefore, when you hire professional drone inspectors to inspect thermal power plants, the results you get are authentic. The professional inspectors will produce a report that is based on the seriousness of damage presented. The report can also include a service plan that recommends a course of action that is effective to take.

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