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How Drones can Help Improve Safety on Construction Sites

   08/24/2019 11:48:47    0 Comments
How Drones can Help Improve Safety on Construction Sites

Drone technology has rapidly evolved from recreational and military applications to critical tools that can be used for monitoring safety on various construction sites. The commercial drone industry is rapidly developing and unmanned aerial vehicles are now common on construction sites in different places across the globe.

Drone surveying on construction sites is crucial since they are capable of collecting aerial data and help the operators on the site to get a clear view of what is happening around them. Drones provide real time data that helps the people on the construction site to make informed decisions as well as to improve safety.

Drones and Accident Prevention in Construction

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than 1,000 fatalities in the construction industry in 2015. However, drones can significantly improve site safety in construction since they are able to monitor large areas. The UAVs provide aerial data that may be difficult to obtain from the ground.

Drones are equipped with radar as well as infrared cameras that can provide a detailed image of the site and they can also track the movement of people and equipment. The site managers can use the data obtained by the drones to identify the likely safety issues within the construction site.

Drones Improve Inspection Efficiency

Drones also help to improve inspection efficiency on the construction sites. A drone is efficient since it instantly covers a large area compared to inspection conducted by the team on the ground. In case of tall buildings, drone technology can give accurate information about defects on the structure of which some of them are not visible to a naked eye.

Drones can also detect conditions that are hazardous within the construction site from the air. UAVs can also play a crucial role in inspecting the rooftops to ensure that there are no damages that can pose a risk to the people. With drone technology, there is no need for one to use a ladder to climb on top of the roof to conduct physical inspection which eliminates the risk of injuries.

Drones also have the potential to make inspection of large construction sites by the government faster. Aerial imaging is ideal in that it can cover places that are inaccessible when one is conducting manual inspection of the building. UAVs help to save time while at the same time reducing safety and health risks to the inspectors.

The other advantage is that a drone can inspect places with poor visibility and they improve the safety. Drones also lower costs when maintenance inspections are carried out. Tall structures as well as bridges require costly equipment to conduct manual inspection as well as a substantial number of personnel on the site.

However, drone technology provides quicker and safer way of conducting inspections on structures that are not accessible. Safety is guaranteed when drones are used for inspection of tall buildings in particular since they eliminate the physical involvement of inspectors.

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