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How drones enhance events and event planning

   09/01/2019 16:43:33    0 Comments
How drones enhance events and event planning

Drone use is significantly gaining widespread use at events and they are used creatively in a variety of events. There are different types of events that include indoor conferences as well as outdoor festivals where drones provide security, advertising, entertainment as well as taking photographs and many more.

Drones are affordable and they can also be exciting to your event but you need to think clearly before investing in them. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can do more harm than good to your event if they do not play a strategic role. For instance, drones can distract the attendees which can be a cause for concern.

You also need to know a variety of laws that regulate drone use at events and these can vary from state to state. Make sure that you hire a drone pilot with a commercial pilot license to operate drones who can follow all the FAA rules.

You should also make sure that drones used at event are registered by FAA and they cannot be flown out of site. It is important that you properly do your homework first before you hire a commercial pilot. It is also vital to ensure that the space for your event can accommodate a drone otherwise it can pose a danger to the guests. For indoor event, make sure there is enough ceiling height and there are also no obstacles that can disturb the drone.

Drone use at events

There are various uses of drones at events that can make them colorful and memorable. Drones can take wonderful aerial images and videos for your event. You can share these on social media in real time. The other handsome thing about drones is that you can take pictures of the venue before an event for marketing purposes.

Alternatively, you can also use a drone for mapping of the venue for the event. A drone can capture images from hard to access places so that you can come up with the best venue. Drones can save you a lot of money and time with regard to mapping event location also depending on its type.

You can also use drones for live streaming during an event which adds more excitement to the experience. Drones can move all over the place of the event and they help the viewers of the live stream videos to feel like they are also part of the proceedings. You can also live stream the artists performing on stage.

Drones can also play vital roles in security and surveillance. They can act as mobile security cameras where the operators can pay close attention to suspicious movements around the venue of the event. You can also use drones for logistical monitoring. For instance, a drone can play a pivotal role in monitoring the movement of traffic within and around the venue of the event.

Drones also provide great entertainment during different outdoor events. Drone races can be ideal for certain events since these can entertain the guests. On top of that, drones can be used for marketing purposes of different brands during events.

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