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Global industry trends in the aircraft drone inspection market: shares, size and status 2018-2028

   09/01/2019 16:49:54    0 Comments
Global industry trends in the aircraft drone inspection market: shares, size and status 2018-2028

Persistence Market Research conducted an insightful research on ‘Aircraft Inspection Drones Market’ which provides details about the industry size, forecast of revenue and the regional operations of business. The report also highlights the major challenges faced in the industry together with the strategies that can be adopted by the key players in this sector.

Drones are also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and they are small in size but play a pivotal role in capturing aerial photography and videos. Drones are remote controlled and they also play a big role in landscape surveillance.

Drones have since been adopted in other industries for commercial purposes and the aerospace industry is also using the new technology for inspection of both defense and commercial aircrafts at OEM. Drone technology is fast and efficient compared to traditional technology which takes about six hours to do the same.

Drone technology is efficient and it is also accurate in detecting faults during inspections. The technology can notify the inspectors about the things that ought to be done. Drone technology has also significantly improved safety for the inspectors while at the same time reducing overall inspection costs.

There are two types of drone technologies available that are used for aircraft inspection like manually and automatic operated drones. These UAVs can inspect aircraft visually for damages likely caused by lightning or hailstorms. Regulations of drone like the EU wide safety standard can impact on the growth of aircraft drone inspection market.

Dynamics of Aircraft Inspection Drones Market

Aircraft inspection is a significant element of aircraft MRO services and any error in the inspection can cause failure of an aircraft its operations. Drones are efficient and they can easily identify damages that are caused by lighting or hail and they also reduce chances of error. Drones reduce inspection time of aircraft by between 80% and 90% which also helps to reduce the service time of the aircraft. These factors lay a solid foundation for growth of the market of aircraft drone inspection in the market.

Other technologies that aid the inspection industry like machine learning and laser technology that help to improve inspection are also expected to witness significant growth in the drone market.

In 2018, the EU passed wide safety standards for manufacturing and drone operations. The safety standards include collision avoidance as well as landing systems in UAVs. The regulations also encompass operator training and drone registration requirements for all EU members and this can pose a challenge to the anticipated growth of the inspection market of aircraft.

Segmentation of Aircraft Inspection Drones Market

The market for aircraft inspection drones can be segmented into the following categories: technology, product type, end use and region. With regard to product type the market for global aircraft inspections is divided into the following segments:

  • Inspection drones for Single Rotor Aircraft
  • Inspection drones for Multi Rotor Aircraft

On technology the market is segmented into:

  • Inspection Drones automatically operated
  • Inspection drones that are manually operated

With regard to end use the market is segmented into:

  • Commercial Aircrafts
  • Defense Aircrafts

Regional outlook for Aircraft Inspection Drones Market

The continuous growth of demand for new technologies in the aircraft industry in North America makes it the most lucrative market for the aircraft inspection drones. The number of MRO service providers is also increasing in the region which makes it lucrative and expected to register substantial growth during the forecast period.

On the other hand, emerging economies like India, Japan and China will also significantly contribute to growth of the aircraft inspection drones market in Asia Pacific. The increasing number of airports and MRO services demand will also influence rising demand for efficient maintenance systems through the use of aircraft inspection drones in this region.

In Europe, the demand for effective maintenance services in both commercial and military aircraft will also drive the demand for aircraft inspection drones. Likewise, Africa, Middle East and Latin America are also expected to show some growth in the market of aircraft inspection drones during the forecast period.

Participants in the Aircraft Inspection Drones Market

The following are some of the participants in the aircraft inspection drones market.

  • MRO Drone Ltd.
  • Donecle
  • Airbus S.A.S.
  • Blue Bear Systems Research Ltd
  • DJI
  • Aircraft Inspection Drone
  • MicroMultiCopter Aero Technology
  • Parrot
  • JYU
  • Luftronix, Inc.
  • MIR Innovation
  • Airwing

The report consists of first hand information, quantitative and qualitative assessments by industry experts and participants across different sectors within its value chain. The report also outlines in-depth market trends, macro-economic factors along with market attractiveness per different segments.

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