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Drones Are Significantly Proving Their Worth in Fire and Emergency Services

   11/18/2019 01:52:46    0 Comments
Drones Are Significantly Proving Their Worth in Fire and Emergency Services

Many towns and cities around the globe are operating on tight budgets but drones have proved to be wonderful investments especially in the fire and emergency services departments. Communities can significantly benefit from drone technology in the event of unprecedented fire outbreaks that can pose a threat to human life.

For instance, the drone program has significantly grown in Vincennes, IN since its introduction in 2018. The growth in demand of the use of drones is attributed to their flexibility. Drones are fitted with cameras or thermal imaging sensors that play a variety of roles in different situations.

Drone use in Vincennes

Vincennes’ department of fire uses drones that are equipped with FLIR thermal cameras and they play pivotal roles during emergencies like fire outbreaks. In such a scenario, a drone is used to monitor fires as well as to take aerial views of accident scenes.

Thermal cameras help the firemen to identify the source of the fire without putting their lives at risk. It is difficult to fight a fire without a clear view of its source as well as impact on the affected area. With drone technology, the firefighters can promptly attend to its source area before it spreads to other places.

Drones also help to take aerial images of accident scenes since these are not easily accessible. Drone technology can also help the people on a rescue mission to search missing persons in case of disasters that can also pose severe risks to the rescue team.

The other handsome feature about the drone is that its latest technology consists of a drop device that can deliver life preservers in case of water rescue operations. For instance, when people are marooned, drones can be dispatched quickly to deliver life preservers to the victims.

There are also other cities that are realizing the significance of investing in drone technology. Some places are prone to deadly tornados and drones play a crucial role since they can be used in the search for survivors. Drones can quickly locate missing people in such emergencies since they use thermal heat cameras.

The main advantage of a thermal heat camera is that it picks heat signatures from human bodies which help the rescuers to retrieve them from danger. The rescuers can also use drones to assess the level of damage caused by tornadoes. They can also easily survey the path of a tornado to locate any missing people.

Emergency services use drones during disasters to shorten the response time. As soon as disaster strikes, a drone can be quickly deployed and it helps the rescuers to take appropriate measures to save lives. The other element is that a drone is cost effective since its budget is less than other traditional equipment used in rescue mission operations.

Drones with thermal cameras can help both fire and police departments in several ways. They are valuable tools for all kinds of emergency situations that involve fire, accidents, crime scene investigation as well as rescue and search activities in case of emergencies.    

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