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Optimizing mapping and surveying projects with drones

   12/05/2019 23:48:30    0 Comments
Optimizing mapping and surveying projects with drones

The geospatial industry that mainly includes surveying and mapping projects can significantly benefit from the use of drones. Drones are equipped with cameras and different types of sensors that make them handsome flying data collection tools.

Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones can greatly improve safety, optimize workflow as well as project results. UAVs can also lead to considerable cost savings by different people undertaking projects related to surveying and mapping. Mapping and surveying are concepts that can be applied to a variety of industries.

Significance of drone use in mapping and surveying

Drones can significantly help ease the work of mapping and surveying projects. For instance, in places that are dangerous and consisting of earthquakes and landslides, drones come in handy to perform the tasks of mapping and topographic site surveying. In such circumstances, drones play a pivotal role in improving safety of the surveyors while at the same time saving money.

UAVs also use advanced sensors such that their level of data accuracy is better than using other traditional methods of surveying. Traditionally, surveying and mapping companies relied on airborne photography during the time they would be mapping open pits. However, airborne photography proved to be expensive hence the advent of drones came as great relief and the best alternative to mapping and surveying methods.

Drones are also able to map areas that are inaccessible to human beings since they can be remotely piloted. Drones can also play other roles apart from mapping purposes. For example, UAVs can be used to monitor work that is ongoing in open pit mines.

Drones can also play a crucial role in monitoring stockpile, equipment as well as high wall inspections. Mapping is another vital component in digital agriculture. There are companies that use specialized mapping software to build solutions through the use of drone imagery together with photogametry techniques.

These techniques help the farmers to manage and monitor their crop. For instance, high resolution drone maps that are also timely help the farmers to identify crop issues while vegetation index maps help the farmer to understand plant stress issues. Aerial images can also help the farmers to map their field for crops while also planning irrigation schemes.

Long range drones can save companies millions of dollars in carrying out surveying and mapping projects compared to helicopter use for the same. Safety is always a big issue in various industries and drones are proving to be vital tools that can guarantee it.

What you need to know about drone use in surveying

It is undoubtedly true that drones have significantly changed the surveying and mapping industry and they cut operational costs. However, safety gains as well as issues of efficiency require good preparation.

While drones can help companies achieve more with less, they should make informed decisions when investing in the drone technology. It is also important that companies also train their members to be able to operate drones. The operators should have knowledge of both hardware as well as software of the whole UAV system.

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