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Is The Drone Technology Safe?

   08/31/2018 17:50:32    0 Comments
Is The Drone Technology Safe?

President Nicolas Maduro has faced a drone- enabled assassination attempt. The attempt being the first to be carried on a sitting president using a drone has been widely condemned here in Australia. Many people are now looking at how this cheap drones could be turned into deadly weapons.

The president was in Caracas delivering a speech when two drones denoted explosives sending the troops scampering.  According to the country’s interior minister, the drones were packed with a C-4 explosive which were used in the World War II.

According to video images obtained from the scene, a multirotor drone was seen flying above the crowd before it exploded. The drone used in the attack was similar to the ones sold online at less than $1000. In fact, it was discovered that the drones could be assembled by high school students

The attack has confirmed fears that cheap drones could be used to wage violent assault. Before the attack, analysts had for many years talked about how this affordable technology could be turned against military forces.

The threat to the military is now real after BBC reported that last year, a U.S. ally used a Patriot Missile to destroy and shoot down a $ 200 quadcopter.

The attack has raised a lot of questions about consumer-level drones and people are worried about the safety of the technology.

The challenge the security apparatus face here in Australia and other parts of the world is how they can quickly detect rogue drones and hack into the signals to send them off course.

In the US, the Secret Service uses Jamming equipment to thwart drone attack. They use jammers in the presidential motorcade to disrupt signals that are most likely to trigger improvised explosives.

It is now safe to assume that the authority in Australia will start deploying the jamming equipment in public events.

Notice that in the UK, US, and Australia, it is illegal to sell Jammers unless you are selling them to law enforcement agencies. Even though, the agencies still face a myriad of challenges especially when it comes to mounting drone shields.

Jamming by security agencies is known to disrupt phone conversation and internet networks. It also has effects on buildings and other installations.

Unfortunately, even in cases where the jamming equipment is used to disrupt signals, drone technology could still utilize cameras to locate the targets.  It means that we are all exposed to attacks whether on beaches, shopping mall or in a stadium.

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