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Positive Economic impact of regulating drones

   01/29/2019 23:25:59    0 Comments
Positive Economic impact of regulating drones

Gone are the days when companies and industries relied on traditional ways of doing things to deliver services and products because now competition is stiff due to technology.  Technology growth brings with it new transformations in the lives of consumers. Many industries go with the growth and adapt new services and products that make it easier to move ahead. One of the new additions to growth is the use of drones to deliver products to consumers. Using commercial drones however has not been an easy thing to do because of the sanctions and regulations especially in the United States.

The rapidly growing drone industry has not been all smooth and therefore the reason for regulations. In a recent episode, drones buzzing around the London Gatwick Airspace caused a three-day cancellation and grounding of hundreds of commercial flights causing agony to the airline companies and the stranded travellers. Another sighting of drones around Heathrow Airport also halted air traffic for a while until they disappeared. With this in mind, the question is it safe to regulate the drones to fly freely and if so what is the positive economic impact?

Positive Economic Impact

The only drones sanctioned to fly over 400 feet in the United States currently, are research and recreational military drones. Military drones do not go through the same regulations as all other drones used for the same purposes. Another reason for this is that drones in the past cost much more than they do today and most industries could not afford to pay for their sophistication and high technical costs. This however is outdated because economies of scale allow consumers to purchase drones today for as little as $70.

With the lifting of sanctions and regulating the use of drones, many consumer companies and consumers will reap the following benefits.

·       Faster package delivery

Consumers will have the benefit of receiving their packages faster if consumer companies use drones for deliveries. One such company trying out the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for service delivery is Amazon, which promises a minimum of 30 minutes to deliver packages that weigh not more than 5lbs.

·       Saving lives

Some places are very hard to penetrate by either road or air and using drones to deliver medicine to these areas will save not only lives but also save the governments costs incurred in trying to reach these places. Drones can travel through small spaces and besides medicine, they can also deliver food to hunger hit places around the most remote places anywhere around the globe.

·       Surveys

Using drones saves money and time spent carrying out surveys. Drones can go into any place and bring back essential details and footage for the purposes of carrying out effective survey on anything.

·       Disaster management

Anytime there is chaos or a disaster at any place, governments use a lot of money to manage the situations. Drones can help to minimise the expenses by going into disaster areas with cameras and collect information needed for action instead of using helicopters and many people to do the same.

Wrapping it up

Drones are no longer limited to the military but many industries are finding multiple applications for them. Many businesses are today investing more on drones because of the economic benefits they bring on the table. It is therefore necessary to regulate and lift up the sanctions while at the same time being careful about the dangers they may impose to the consumers and the environment.



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