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Regulating the use of drones with respect to ethical concerns

   02/23/2019 11:58:06    0 Comments
Regulating the use of drones with respect to ethical concerns

Reaching out to the skies is one of the most astonishing achievements of human beings since the beginning of time. This achievement, however, has now hit to the utmost level of amazement as flying an aircraft without involvement of any human being has practically become a reality. Such aircrafts are known as Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones. They are being extensively used for commercial & military purposes. However, their use challenges various aspects of security, privacy and few other regulations. 

There is no doubt about the fact how drones have dominated many sectors and dramatically changed their level of efficiencies. The very first application of these drones was to use them as a camera in order to document aerial views. They are still being used in cinemas and in media for dramatic video making. When it comes to any humanitarian crisis, these drones are there to deliver basic necessities for survival and for inspection of the infrastructure. 

When needed, they can easily get access to the remote areas for news and information thereby helping the field of journalism. They are also of highly importance for monitoring wildlife from a safe distance in order to protect it. Drone delivery is also going to be a thing since the Amazon has announced enabling the delivery of goods using UAVs. On the other hand, the drones in the military sector are used for surveillance and defense purposes. 

The extensive use of drones has stirred a lot of ambiguity in the minds of general public and raised certain regulatory questions. No one likes being spied on, being in collision with the UAVs while they are in their jets, or being surrounded by these tiny aircrafts every now and then. The Federal Aviation Administration in America has taken the ethical objections into consideration and has allowed drones to fly within a specific line of sight and only during the day. There are even few zones where flying these UAVs is strictly prohibited. These regulations have been formed to ensure drones do not harm anyone in any way and intrude the privacy of people. If the commercial businesses and anyone who owns a normal drone can adapt to the safe and licensed flying practices, people would be more open towards their practical use. It is better to fly them under a certain regulatory framework than to shun the technology which renders benefit to the multiple sectors.  

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