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Drones are becoming highly useful at maintaining roads and bridges

   03/10/2019 14:46:32    0 Comments
Drones are becoming highly useful at maintaining roads and bridges

Drone technology is quickly finding its space in different industries. From being used as a simple photography tool, in military spying and other applications to now being used in road maintenance by an established Australian transport infrastructure company. 

Transurban: the company in question says this technology has significantly made their work easier. They have a collection of drones with different capacities, which have been very instrumental at supporting their road construction works, inspection operation, and road maintenance.  

Road inspections and disruption avoidance 

Road maintenance is one of the factors that dictate road safety and governments, as well as road maintenance companies, have been doing a lot to try to keep public roads accessible. Unfortunately, with today’s number of roads, the population of cars, and the speed seen on roads, the exercise has become so difficult. 

According to Transurban however, drones seem to fill this gap quite perfectly. The company, which operates different infrastructures in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, and maintains roads in Montreal, North America, and Great Washington, has been using remote controlled and semi-autonomous drones to collect data and prevent disruptive road closures, which have seen great improvements in traffic management and road maintenance.

What comes to mind…

“Drones are not only our most reliable data reporters on the roads and the tunnel we manage, but they are also highly profitable to our customers - who are the drivers in this case. A good example being, these gadgets have helped us countless times remove speed reductions and the need for road closures,” said Domenico De Conti, one of the managers tasked with overseeing a 3.7 km twin-tunnel located in Sydney. The team has also released a video showing drones hovering over the tunnel, actively carrying out an on-time inspection on their assets.

Transurban tweeted their video here –

Future applications of this concept

It’s already clear that the concept of using drones to monitor tunnels and roads can be super helpful. More and more road maintenance companies and government, through the traffic police department, might in the future have a higher likelihood of adopting drones for the same purpose.  

Unlike stationed road cameras, the good thing about drones is that they can take different angles while collecting data at their assigned roads. In collaboration with other technologies, the internet, and data transmission, it means drivers on roads would need to be more careful because this application adds to the scope of evidence collection when accidents occur. 

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