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Power plants are now much safer to maintain with drone inspections
If you hire professionals to conduct drone inspection, the process is quick and detailed since drones can capture cracks in the concrete as well as reveal details of damages such as corrosion which prompts immediate action. The visual data you get from drones is useful in the maintenance and repair work on the thermal power plants.
Drones proving their worth with aerial inspections of mobile towers
Drones are effective in that they provide higher-resolution of video and imagery of mobile tower structures.
How the real estate industry can take advantage of drones
You can use real estate drone photography and videos to show aerial views of different properties like homes, acreage and other important highlights. Drone photography is especially good for use by people involved in luxury real estate as it helps to increase your stake in business.
New Tech for Wind Blade Inspections
The problem with current inspection technology is that it cannot quickly detect faults or damages. That is what researchers are working on to identify damage while it is still minor through the use of robotics research. The damage can be fixed when it is still minor and this helps to extend the life of the blade.
Drones used for faster and more efficient roof inspections
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are significantly gaining prominence in the field of roof inspections. According to a new case study carried by FLIR systems, many roof inspectors in the US are turning to drones so inspect roofs.
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