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How drones are helping improve efficiency in farming
Drones are increasingly becoming the latest and most efficient technology in agriculture. Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), drones can be used to perform various tasks just like other tools. However, a drone has its advantages and shortcomings depending on how you use it.
DJI Drones Can Now Fly Over Crowds with it's New Parachute System
There are certain rules and laws that regulate the operations of different types of drones in various places. For instance, both commercial and personal drones should not fly above a group of people in public spaces like beaches.
Mapping drones are quickly becoming the technology of choice for land surveyors.
Mapping drones are drastically changing and improving how land surveyors conduct their surveys by doing it in the sky instead of the traditional land method.
Drone marketing in real estate is growing
Real estate has become the top industry in using drones for marketing purposes. The surprising numbers speak for themselves and demonstrate a bright future for the evolution of the drone industry.
Will drone taxi's be a thing of the future or today
Are drone taxi's here to stay or will they remain a figment of our imagination?
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