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Regulating the use of drones with respect to ethical concerns
The use of drones will continue to challenge various aspects of security, privacy and other regulations.
The Future of Solar Powered Drones
A recent report by the Global Market Insights reveals that by the year 2024, the commercial drone market would have hit $17billion in growth.
Positive Economic impact of regulating drones
Gone are the days when companies and industries relied on traditional ways of doing things to deliver services and products because now competition is stiff due to technology. Technology growth brings with it new transformations in the lives of consumers.
Nigerian Army uses drone technology against Boko-Haram
Drones are becoming increasingly used against the war on terror. The Nigerian army has adopted drone technology in its fight against the terrorist group.
Is the Law Silent on Owning and Using Drones?
The rise in the number of drones in Australia is making many people quite uneasy. But the law requires that anyone flying a drone that is more than 2kg to register with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). In fact, the law requires that such individuals should secure a certificate before putting the unmanned vehicles in the sky.
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